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You may feel a sudden surge to go into super-care for your body and soul in a totally new way. Over and Over.

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Chant and listen to quiet devotional music and binaural beats when you sleep. Invest your time in some breast massaging. Try to be naked and in water as much as possible! Eclipses speed up the endings of chapters of our lives, and thus they bring in new chapters as well. Get streamlined. Chiron and Mercury are stationing to go Rx and Mars and Venus are both changing signs this week.

Chiron is squaring the New Moon from Aries and about to station Retrograde - the Spiritual Warrior has been Direct in Aries for 7 months and is ready for a break. His recent full-time entry into Aries has been squeezing many of us to step into this new phase and OWN our strength regarding how we feel about ourselves and to step up to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Chiron Rx is giving us a chance to look within and see where we can re-adjust. Just remember this is a New Moon x 10!

Venus will enter Cancer July 3, and both Mars and Venus will be in new territory. May the changes be for your Highest Good Always! And this Full Moon is also conjunct the Galactic Center, the black hole that is 4 light-years wide in the center of the Milky Way, our Galaxy. This colored all last week and this energy was a very new invigorating meeting between Venus, the ruler of Taurus, with her new housemate Uranus-who will be staying for 8 years in her sign. Did you get the message? They entered Gemini holding hands aka in a Conjunction and the slower, Earthy Taurus vibes went out the back door.

Expect to be rocking and rolling though this Gemini season with Mercury as ringleader before moving on to Cancer on June 4. Remember, the stage was set for the January Eclipse in April and May, which was also dominated by the Mueller Report and all the shenanigans of a Government struggling to hold it together. But Mars ONLY wants to move on if everyone is clear on how he feels, which requires confrontation in some cases.

Saturday starts with an early-morning Moon - Jupiter sextile to spark the day. Here are the dates of this lunar cycle that are relevant:. If you are unable to do that at this time, you may need to assert some boundaries Pisces issue , if you are still in the thick of it with anyone or any situation. Feeling the healing energy of the Sun in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries. And has popsicles for you.

The work is cut out fo us. Now we begin the task of orchestrating it all, while trusting that the Universe is gently nudging us along and we are always guided if we look up at the Stars. Oh, and then there is the stealing and sharing of private information on their users so they can make more advertising dollars. Trump supporters message me crap and been directly ripped off word-for-word by Instagram Astrologers with 50k followers I have less than !

We are bombarded with thousands of ads per day just to see a few minutes of good content. If you have a private page yourself on Instagram and I have no way of identifying you, I will remove you. You can then request to Follow with a simple DM to me saying who you are and I will request to Follow you back. If you allow me to see your profile, I will accept. And if you need a private page for whatever reason, fair enough, then simply introduce yourself and you can join.

I will have affordable options. I turn 45 gulp on May While the outer planets are Retrograde almost half of the year and their effects are not the same as personal planet retrogrades, they are very important indeed. Give yourself a few days to shake off the stress if you got hit with a doozy-it will pass. See your free chart on Astro. If you have planets, angles of your chart, or anything making aspects to those degrees, you are feeling this.

Everyone is feeling it or will be soon. Everyone reading this is either a student of Astrology or found themselves here for a reason. We need to take our biggest ADULT -selves to task and use some grit and muscle to effect the changes in our lives that will help the collective. Uranus will be in Taurus until July , so we will have 7 years to make the most of this transit. Sadly, when these energies present themselves in the collective, there is usually an upturn in violence, which was seen all over the world with more Church bombings and radical behavior in the extreme shadow.

Even more reason to dedicate an extra meditation this week to World Peace. Venus enters Leo where it will remain until August 21, Here, Venus is both ruled by and traveling close to the sun, making its annual conjunction to it soon enough. A queen that appreciates praise, Venus in Leo reminds us that pleasure and love are to be lived out on the great stage of life.

This lunar cycle ends with a few fireworks that both disturb the peace and stir the senses. The sun in Leo is strongly placed and no pushover, so while the friction of this day is formidable, it asks us all to be a little more honest and forthright in regards to our self-expression. In some ways derailing, this astrology will shake out the truth and interrupt anything that gets in the way of it. What has left your desk is for the best. What has left you feeling lack-luster is information to pay attention to. Whatever shifts you know you need to make must be attended to.

Look back to see if it relates at all to what you began, or began to notice back in January of this year. Whatever is culminating in your public or professional life now is right on time. Follow your intuition. Appreciate what is leaving as making way for what is far more aligned with your present and future progress. Make your spiritual well-being a priority by centering your life around what you know promotes it.

Come Leo Season, many exciting career changes are underway. Keep aligning yourself with what keeps you feeling generous and generative and the shifts will follow suit. This lunation brings reward if you are fully committed to no longer leaking resources from your energetic and economic systems. What would it mean for you to mindfully direct your resources and the ways in which you collaborate with others?

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This series of eclipses wants to help you gain clarity on the ways in which you might overdo your efforts due to feelings of being personally underdeveloped. With this full moon, let yourself imagine saying no to what overextends you and yes to what has you overflowing with good feeling.

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Working backward from those facts will help you set your life up in ways that free you from the expectation that others can make you happy. That fear, however, can only be cured by making it a reality. Fail at living up to the warped expectations your mind invented from watching too much TV. Fail at being what others wanted for you or from you, and instead meditate on what you want to be for yourself. When you do, you get the glorious experience of succeeding at what is most important in life; being flawed, interesting, and uniquely you.

If you look back to the beginning of , what were you beginning as a work project or professional relationship that is now coming to an important stage of its growth? What have you learned and what are you now able to implement successfully? The commitments you have made in your work life bring you into situations where opportunity and scrutiny come together. You may feel pressure to get it right. While doing your homework is especially important right now, so too is showing up open and willing to make the most of the moment.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2020

Your spontaneity is as much a skill as your ability to track data and details. Find the professional spaces that can encourage equal amounts of both. The more playful you can be with your creative process, the deeper it will take you. The more you become a vessel for its energy, the more it will pour into you. It teaches you how to be dedicated yet unattached to the outcome.

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What we spend energy resisting costs us creatively. Take note of any negative thoughts you have about your ability to make something from scratch.


Any shame that comes up in regards to your creations is natural, but not a guest you want to welcome for long. Get the necessary information from it and then send it on its way.

If this lunation brings burn out, be extra kind to your system. Refill and refuel often. You are not a machine. You do not need to create like one either. July highlights the bigger career shifts that you are making, adjusting to, and seeking out, but the lunar eclipse goes below the surface of all of that worldly work.

Your foundations, your home, and your inner life are asking to be tended to. Tenderizing you is part of this eclipses plan, so try not to judge or shame yourself for what you need to release. Sagittarius Nov Dec Capricorn Dec Jan Aquarius Jan Feb Pisces Feb Mar What do you show and what do you hide? Some undercover parts of your personality may emerge this Monday, November 11, as the Sun shadow dances with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio.

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