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In addition, the individuals with date of birth between 19 February and 27 March or between 21 November and 27 December also come under the influence of numerology 3.

Numerology predicts many life events, believers say. When will good fortune come your way?

The people with number 3 have an optimistic and lively nature. They are also social and creative. At the same time, they have some negative traits. For example, they are peevish, selfish, talkative and make exaggerations. Jupiter is the ruling planet of such individuals. Meanwhile, Tuesday and Friday are the fortunate days for the number 3. It means, if the people with number 3, start a business or some other adventure on either of these days, they will have more chances of success.

The number 3 in the science of numbers has some peculiar traits which are less likely to be present in other numbers. They have their own favorite taste, lucky period, suitable direction, sacred color, and so on.

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Here follows a brief overview of the key facts about number 3. Positive Traits: The positive qualities of number 3 include social, creative and very optimistic. Meanwhile, the people under the influence of this number are ecstatic and have a lively nature. Also they are highly determined and strive to get control, authority and power.

Kindness, civilization and love for discipline are some of their other traits. Negative Traits: There are certain negative traits of the number 3. For example, the persons under the influence of this number are talkative and like to make exaggerations. Secondly, they are selfish and care for their own benefit only. Thirdly, these people are unruly and seldom like to come under the control of others. They are likely to get some kind of financial or other benefit during this time of the year.

On the other hand, the favourable months for this number include March, June, September and December. It simply means any task or project started in any of these months will be successful.

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It means wearing this stone in ring will be beneficial for the people under the influence of this number. Among colors, yellow is the sacred one for numerology 3. Meanwhile, Friday and Tuesday are the sacred days for such people. In other words, they like sweet dishes more than anything else. However, the favorable metal is gold.

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The women and men with number 3 are a very good and lucky couple. The wife proves to be the best friend for her husband. She is noninterfering but takes deep interest in the business of her life partner. Such a woman shows compassion towards everyone and gives equal care to all the children.

Her passions are full of life and fun. A husband with numerology 3 is lucky and strong from the financial point of view. Such men are financially stable and keep on getting golden chances for financial prosperity in life. However, to earn more money, they have to maintain interest and passion in the business.

At the same time, it should be kept in mind that no one can get anything with hands on hands and not making any effort.

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Numerology number calculator. Baby born in February

The lucky thing for the number 3 is that such people get golden opportunity to become prosperous over a short time. Also such individuals step into the practical life very early.

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It is because their thoughts and wisdom experience rapid growth. Consequently, with economic prosperity, they are able to make their wives happy and satisfied. Obviously there are countless opportunities lurking from every angle, as you know where to find them, but you should keep your head grounded and know how to focus on projects and make them happen.

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The selfish behaviour should take a back sit for some of the ventures you jump into, or you will be experiencing setbacks or rejections. And I know your mind only sees the upside to everything, but knowing that it may save you energy and time may be a good advice to take up. Your vulnerability and excitement is a fresh breeze you mesmerise people with, and that attractive sexy mixture is what keeps numerous admirers at your feet. Although it does take some time for you to tune down on that appetite for adventure and longing for independence, but once it happens, and you find that special someone who knocks you off your feet you are quite easy to fall in love, and u are also easy to fall in love with as you are one of those lovable people who everyone wants, and you make a great partner.

You free-spirit refuse anything that anyone says is supposedly good for you, the rebel in you just wont allow you to follow it. But non the less you need to be vary of what you put in your body.

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Try not to drink too much sugar infused drinks and coffee, as that definitely is not good for you who loves to skip on water a lot, and it brings your high energy levels to even higher which makes you anxious. Needless to say you do need to figure out, obviously your own way towards exercising, so your body can keep up to your restless energy. Movement and different lifestyle from the boring normal routine stuff is what you aim for. You would enjoy working as environmentalist or artist or acting, also sales or promotions, or exploring. As long as it is different and has the freedom and constant novelty, you are good to go.

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