February 13 2020 cancer astrology

A fruitful bond can aid in living a wonderful life ahead! It also becomes necessary when one wants to pro-create as it is essential to continue the next generation with utmost diligence and rigor whilst also choosing the right companion for yourself. Therefore, read on to know more through the eyes of the marriage horoscope, as there can be a lot of surprises and unexpected turns for you, in the year As stated in your Aries Family and Children Horoscope , you are likely to enjoy a healthy environment at home.

You will be able to communicate well with the members of your family. You will always find tremendous support from your mother and her side of the family, says your Aries Marriage horoscope Read More…. The Gemini marriage Horoscope predicts that for married couples, there are no major disturbances that will be occupying your minds. But, one must be careful of not throwing unnecessary tantrums. It is essential to remember that everyone has the right to their viewpoints.

Since two different planets are moving through the same house, your spouse and you might encounter a little friction, says your Cancer marriage and child Horoscope According to Leo marriage Horoscope , for married couples, you might need to be a little careful and not get into any kind of unnecessary arguments. Be careful of also not throwing unnecessary tantrums.

Your Virgo marriage and child Horoscope says that, living in a joint family may end up being taxing for you. Who would you be if you could start from scratch? By releasing the past, we can march boldly into the future. The sign of the scales, Libra is all about balance. This full moon is a chance to find your footing and enter the next few weeks on more solid ground. Remember though, balance is also about compromise. Be prepared to give in order to get something back. Time to find what feels good. Taurus season is about living the good life—treat yourself!

Taurus is an exceptionally sensual sign, concerned with pleasant taste, touch, and scent. It asks us to consider how the decisions we make contribute to our stability. The sign of the bull can be stubborn, but in this sign, we learn how to slow down and make decisions that last. Entering Taurus season, it feels like all your senses are alive. We experience awakened sensuality—with a desire to touch, see, taste, and feel everything. So when the sky goes dark under this new moon, it teaches us how to use our other senses for both perception and pleasure.

Pluto spends about half the year in retrograde, and it serves as a lesson in letting go.

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Ruler of the underworld, Pluto retrograde challenges us to look at our lives and cut out the things that no longer serve us. A Scorpio full moon is a particularly intense lunation, bringing up themes of sex, death, and transformation. Instead of feeling intimated by its light, try making friends with your dark side and invite it into the light, where things seem a little less frightening.

Saturn is the planet associated with karmic debts, so if there is any unfinished business out there, now is the time to resolve it. During Saturn retrograde you might feel sluggish, unproductive, or out of balance. This is a difficult time to form new routines or patterns, but it is helpful to examine our old habits and experiment with alternatives that could serve us better. Learn from them to avoid making the same mistakes again.


Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money. During Venus retrograde, we have the opportunity to rethink what those things mean in our lives, and how we can invite them into our lives in new and satisfying ways. This can be a difficult time to maintain relationships, but honesty and vulnerability will serve you well here. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and optimism.

When in retrograde, expect some bumps on your spiritual highway. You might find yourself questioning your belief systems or reconsidering what it means to be part of the universe.

Cancer Horoscope 2020 - Complete Horoscope Prediction 2020 For Cancer Zodiac Sign

This is a time of questions and finding new paths that might hold the answers. Whereas some planetary retrogrades can make life difficult looking at you, Mercury , Jupiter retrograde is a good time to reach out and see what you can learn from your community. Social butterfly Gemini kicks off its season with a flurry of energy and activity.

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Ruled by Mercury, Gemini season encourages communication and connection. This season is a lot like a good cocktail hour: busy, buzzy, and even a bit flirtatious. Avoid getting caught up in idle gossip, however. Good communicators know when to pull back.

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Gemini season always brings a fresh sense of vitality with its focus on socializing, culture, and communication. Think about ways to bond with your closest friends over the next month, and ways in which you can share knowledge to empower yourself and others. The new moon is also a good time to set an intention to communicate mindfully and with respect.

Summer has a way of inspiring a sense of wanderlust, and this full moon in adventurous Sagittarius is bringing that big time. If you need to stay close to home, this full moon also encourages you to find the hidden gems in your own backyard. Mercury returns to retrograde in June, this time in the water sign of Cancer. The summer solstice: longest day of the year. The summer solstice is a day when feminine and masculine energies are perfectly balanced, which gives us access to the full spectrum of our power.

During Cancer season, we decompress from the whirlwind of the last month by retreating to our personal shelter. Cancer is the most nurturing sign in the zodiac—connected with family and home life. Emotions can run high when this water sign is in control, so be prepared to shed some tears and ride the waves of feelings. Over the next month, we prioritize how to protect ourselves and what we need to feel secure.

Paired with the energy from the summer solstice and a solar eclipse, this new moon in watery Cancer, no less is a lot to take on.

Your time will be better spent reflecting and journaling. Go with the flow. This could mean that you will finally schedule a promising appointment or see a future development for your enterprise. You have a good chance at feeling a sense of peace in your emotions and mental state. Celebrate with your family today, and if you are single, you should not "ignore" the feelings of a particular person.

Scorpion on this day can do anything. There is a chance that even your most tedious, and complex problems today will be performed with brilliant results. Mind games, bureaucratic delays, and family disputes are likely to be ended today as well. In the late afternoon, the likelihood of experiencing mild malaise increases.

Most likely, this issue will pass pretty quickly as soon as you rest. To many Sagittarius, today will seem long and tedious. Chances are high that you have to do things that cause irritation or stress. This may also include a lack of understanding with relatives, disagreement with one of your closest colleagues, or a feeling of neglect from a business partner that will leave you feeling discontented. The evening promises to pass calmly. You may feel a sense of happiness by engaging in sports or taking a walk in the fresh air.

Capricorns on this day should refrain from taking on the role of mentor.

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On this day, the person to whom you decide to transfer your experience, knowledge, and professionalism will turn out to be a careless student or an extremely ungrateful person. It is recommended that you deal exclusively with those people who you are personally connected to and genuinely care about your problems. There is a chance for this day to successfully resolve a long-standing property dispute or dispute over inheritance. Also, the day might bring forth some innovative ideas with regard to financing.

Aquarius, February 13, is recommended for you to take the time to care about your health. You may need to consult with medical specialists or take some laboratory tests. The rest of the day is unlikely to cause you problems. If you still have the strength to go to work, you will find that it will result in many successful achievements probably, the support of a colleague of the opposite sex will help. The evening should be spent in silence, isolated from the unnecessary flow of information.


February 13th Birthday Horoscope

Pisces, you will not experience emotional highs like today very often. For those who are busy working with people, this can provide certain bonuses for you. Walking through the with a smile, you are likely to achieve success in business and negotiations. You may even be able to communicate with an influential person today.

Marriage And Child Horoscope 2020

The playfulness and optimism that you experience today are likely to give way to increased rationality and mental clarity. This is an optimal time for expanding your finances and making large purchases.

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