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Birth city: Enter coordinates manually. Aries Courage x Ruthlessness The ruler of Aries is the planet Mars, which symbolises energy, health, fighting spirit and leadership skills. People born under this sign are courageous and decisive in most situations in life.

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Taurus Patience x Stubbornness, Explosivity The sign of Taurus gives people who were born under it calm and patient nature, and a sense of appreciation for beautiful and pleasant things in life. People born under the sign of Taurus are often quite introverted and they like to keep their distance, even from their best friends. Gemini Flexibility x Imbalance, Shallowness People born under the sign of Gemini are people of many talents and they are able to use their skills in both theory and practice.

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They are very intelligent and quick-witted people who are interested in everything that happen around them, and they can quickly adapt to any new situation. Cancer Sensitivity, Perceptiveness x Moodiness Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which gives people born under this sign great emotional sensitivity. They are thus often reserved and shy.

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  • Leo Courage, Magnificence x Pride, Egoism Leo gives people who were born under this sign healthy self-esteem and natural authority. They have the power to dominate and control others, but they are generous and friendly. Virgo Diligence, Systematicness x Pedantry, Criticism Distinctive feature of people born under the sign of Virgo is their sense for order and system. They are practical people with great design and manual skills. They are always able to fully concentrate on their tasks.

    Libra Diplomacy x Hesitancy Perhaps to make their sign happy, people born under the sign of Libra are usually prudent, balanced and harmonious. In any case, they think before they do something. It is possible to find hot-headed individuals among Libras, but they are very rare exceptions.

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    A Cancer's watery feels can douse the ram's fiery temperament, but an Aries who is hot-headed enough has no qualms turning up the heat and destroying the soft-hearted crab. Sometimes like attracts like, but other times, similarities act like two positive magnets and repel each other.

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    This is the case with Tauruses and Ariens. In addition, Aries does not like to admit when they've made a mistake, and the retentive Taurus has no qualms reminding an Aries of said errors.

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    The fact both signs feature horns is telling: this duo will constantly butt heads and are practically guaranteed to have conflict. Geminis are free spirits and enjoy spontaneity, whereas Virgos enjoy routine.

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    • Both signs are not great at sharing their feelings, so arguments can remain unresolved.