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Therefore what they cause can be undone in mere years. That would not be the case with things caused by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. Luck Running Out Of the two planets needed to be observed here, Jupiter is the first one to create a transit aspect of importance. It has a retrograde movement seemingly moving backwards in the sky, as seen from earth , leading to its renewed conjunction with Trump's natal Jupiter.

Since that is retrograde, what he gained in the former conjunction winning the election he seems at risk to lose this time. The retrograde conjunction is exact on April 13th , mere months after his inauguration. His winning the election may somehow come into question around that time. But at the same time, transit Jupiter also forms a trine aspect to Uranus in Trump's 10th House.

It suggests that he will know how to handle that crisis and learn from it. But there is some uncertainty regarding his right to the throne, so to speak, until Jupiter ends its retrograde movement and passes Trump's natal Jupiter a third time, the last for about twelve years. That happens August 4th By that time, what was questioned about his right to the title is solved to his satisfaction. The most serious one there is in the horoscope: Pluto interferes. It is the slowest planet, taking almost years to make one orbit around the sun.

Therefore, its effect is the most revolutionary and lasting. It is the planet of metamorphosis, making one thing change into another - completely. This dramatic power goes into a square aspect with Donald Trump's native Jupiter. It was exact already on January 15th, , but the direct effects of this slow planet can be perceived and commenced months before, and go on for months thereafter.

Usually, though, something significant tends to happen around the date of the exact aspect.

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The inauguration on January 20th would definitely qualify. The square is an aspect creating both complications and solutions. Something needs work and it is going to be straining, for sure. It creates very concrete and lasting changes in that sign, and in that House they are most significant to Trump's leisure life - what he does for his own enjoyment.

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There is something in his private life interfering with the success and title he got at the election. Interfering firmly and without compromise.

The events of Pluto cannot be undone. It is quite another story than the escapades of Jupiter, which spins around the Zodiac 20 times faster.

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When Pluto comes, it is to write history. As Pluto continues on its journey, Donald Trump may imagine that the problem goes away. But not so. Pluto, too, has a retrograde phase. Trump may hope it's gone, but others probably don't see it like that at all. On August 7th , Pluto in its retrograde movement forms an exact square to natal Jupiter again.

All the problems are back, with a vengeance. Nothing went away, nothing was solved. This is serious. Also, this happens only three days after the last Jupiter to Jupiter conjunction appears, mentioned above. So, the two celestial events are sure to interfere with one another - probably also express themselves in one and the same event.

While Jupiter creates a solution, Pluto immediately makes it return in a much worse form. It will not seem like that. Pluto's retrograde movement gives the impression that the problem is going away for real and for good. But that is an illusion. Soon, Pluto will stop its retrograde movement and make its final square aspect to Trump's Jupiter on November 17th That's when the final result of this huge problem is a fact. Donald Trump's transit horoscope for November 17th , with transit Pluto in a square aspect to his natal Jupiter.

So, what can it be? It has to involve what Donald Trump regards as his leisure activities, what he does to enjoy himself. In his case, that's what others would regard as work: building things, expanding his personal "empire" and increasing his real estate assets.

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To him, it's really kind of a hobby. And the square to Jupiter reveals that it is going to be costly. It may be challenging, especially if you cannot see what lies ahead. You prefer to know what to expect, but the clarity you need isn't here yet. You must trust the journey and seek support if need be. It's possible that you may be traveling or moving. Or, you may simply be putting a situation in your rearview mirror once and for all. Change is rarely easy but do know that once things settle down, peace will return.

Taurus' keywords: transition, support, moving on, leaving, peace, destiny, travel, journey, seeking, exodus. Things are not what they seem at the moment. Do not take anything at face value.

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You may feel as if you are fumbling in the dark. The clarity you need is not present, which means you may have to rely on your instincts. How do you feel about your situation? Your feelings hold clues, so do not ignore them. Difficult choices must be made but rest assured you will find your way. You are being guided by intuition, and if you allow it to lead the way, you'll be safe and secure soon enough. Gemini's keywords: illusion, instinct, primal, reflection, darkness, confusion, unknown, change, sensitivity, deception. Security is essential to you, which means you may be more focused on creating financial stability at this time.

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While others are throwing caution to the wind, you're squirreling it away for the future. Hard work and practicality come naturally for you, so this period may feel quite satisfying. Guard against being too controlling, especially with your resources. While it's nice to have money in the bank, it's even better when you can share it freely with others. Plan for your future but don't forget to live well in the present. Cancer's keywords: security, miserliness, stability, saving, conserving, holding on, possessiveness, control, order, greed.

Count your blessings for they are many. You've worked hard, and now you can collect the fruits from your labor. The seeds you've planted long ago are beginning to blossom. Celebrate your good fortune and treat yourself a bit -- you deserve it! This card can also speak of a time when you feel somewhat alone. Sure, you have the creature comforts, but if you're feeling lonely, why not invite others into your world? Let others in, and your world will become so much bigger. This card can also symbolize the purchase of real estate or investing your funds for retirement.

Leo's keywords: wealth, prosperity, success, fruits of your labor, ease, harvest, security, materialism, luxury, self-reliance. The Knight of Swords rushes in, ready to do battle. This is the energy you'll need at this time. Events may be tricky, and storm clouds threaten the peace. You must be willing to stand up, speak out, and fight the good fight!

When times are tough, people look to the brave folks who are unafraid to take a stand.

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Make your point. No holding back. An assertive, brash approach will cut through the clouds and clear the air.

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You may irritate a few people, but in the long run, you'll be glad you did. Virgo's keywords: haste, excitement, swiftness, ideas, speaking out, assertiveness, combat, storm, defense, impatience.

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Honesty will be your weapon at this time. Strain inconjunct is upon the people Moon and issues from the Neptune-MC sextile which indicates those in authority who influence people and public policy in subtle ways in order to gain their acquiescence and avoid opposition like they've practiced against us for years with varying levels of success. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction may be the catalyst that further solidifies global corporatists' totalitarian power with Pluto in Capricorn as the dictator , according to Reinhold Ebertin, and of course, Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn is extremely strong but times financial difficulties --though not necessarily for the win-win types.

And we have America's first-ever Pluto Return coming up in to cement the Saturn-Pluto deal of As for the Moon as Bucket handle this denotes some level of inspiration and zeal coming from the realms of Leo and identifies those who adapt allegiances where they can count for the most Jones. A Bucket pattern suggests a cause or a mission to fulfill but is the Moon-as-handle advocating the cause or playing a different or an opportunistic tune?